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Jul 17

Written by: Professor Stephen A. Drew
17/07/2014 08:41 

In this Summer 2014 edition of the Journal of General Management we are proud to present a line-up of papers which we trust will be both timely and interesting for our readers and that may stimulate further thought and application.

The first article by myself and Professor Wallis is concerned with management of change and describes how the approach of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and the Summit Method in particular can be used for large-scale change situations. The paper presents a review of relevant literature and recent case studies. AI is notable for its use of positive psychology and a bottom-up approach that is especially relevant for organisations faced with complex challenges such as cultural reorientation, organisation-wide strategic planning, globalization, and disruptive technological innovation. The article is a review and aimed at both practitioner and academic audiences.

Business ethics, propensity to corruption and related motivations continue to be relevant and fascinating arenas for research as leaders of nations such as China are now more vigilant in this regard and managerial workplaces becomes more diverse. Our second paper by Professor Lee and Mr Kumar explores these topics using the lens of regulatory focus theory and the constructs of organisational deviance and organisational citizenship behavior. Their exploratory survey research throws further light on the complex interaction of gender differences in the relationships between these constructs. In the next article Professors McClelland and Brodtkorb investigate the distribution of earnings within top-management teams using a rigorous empirical approach and with reference to the framework of tournament theory. This topic should be of interest for anyone concerned with escalating compensations of CEOs and other top executives and provides some underpinning for compensation differences in relation to CEO power.

Our fourth paper by Professor Scho¨nbohm and Dr Petri is interesting in addressing issues of strategic management and performance measurement in manufacturing enterprises. The authors introduce a new key performance indicator ‘‘Manufacturing Value Added Coefficient’’ (MVACTM), use of which allows mapping value creation and benchmarking of manufacturing across a company. This can be easily applied based on commonly available data from ERP systems. The authors suggest that managers can improve company performance when they do not treat manufacturing merely as a cost centre but take it back into the overall entrepreneurial framework. Two case studies are presented to demonstrate the method.

I wish you all the best for a relaxing summer and hope that you will find some enjoyable reading in this edition. I would much welcome any thoughts, comments or suggestions emailed to myself or Professor Teck Yong Eng.

Professor Stephen Drew

Executive Editor of the Journal of General Management


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